Kitten Rescue Curacao

Care for the smallest and most vulnerable of cats


Miriam, the owner of Cats Only founded together with her husband the Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation in 2019, a non-profit organization that provides care for the smallest and most vulnerable of cats: orphaned kittens. Today a solid foundation that helped over hundreds of kittens, spayed 1000 cats every year, offers free cat food to poor owners and pays for the vet bill if needed.


Kitten Rescue Curacao is totally depend on donations and gifts. In addition to helping the little felines that are left to fend for themselves, she’s also creating funds through Cats Only by aiming to provide a safe and comfortable place for cats to stay when their owners are away.


The more reason to choose for Cats Only when you’re going away and need a temporary home for your cat(s). By letting your cat stay in our Cat Hotel you’re helping the Kitten Rescue Curacao organisation at the same time. Part of the revenue will be used to help the little ones in need. Of course, donations or gifts for Kitten Rescue Curacao are more then welcome as well.

kitten rescue curacao

Orphaned kitten approx. 1 week

adopt cat curacao


As of today, hundreds of kittens were saved from the streets by Kitten Rescue Curacao, nursed to health and adopted out to loving homes on Curacao but also in the Netherlands. The sad part is, that kittens are found almost every day and therefor we are always looking out for new homes. And you know what? Cats, raised by bottle are great! They are very kind to people and always looking for a purrrr. Want to adopt? Please have a look at whats available at this moment….


Please feel free to contact Miriam for more information via or call Miriam at +5999 5144655. She’s always happy to help especially when you’re looking for a great cat ;-).